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Wow! I opened a 2017 Domaine Divio Pino Nior this evening, what a delight! I planned ahead by giving this bottle a little breathing room. I was so pleasantly surprised that I went back to check the price point. I was afraid I was drinking a ‘save it to share’ bottle. This bottle is a great value and good enough to be on the ‘share’ list. I text my neighbor to have her set out a glass for a pandemic pour. We will partake via Zoom…. Gretchen. G

We loved their Pinot Noir wines selections. And especially enjoyed Benedetto Vineyard selection. Highly recommend Wined2C wine selection and their efficient delivery…. Ripu.D

Great service and a solid value for an excellent selection. Lighting fast shipping in a nice sturdy wine box too! Highly recommended. Looking forward to the next order… Andy.K  

Wined2c had a great collection. We enjoyed the diversity in selection. I recommend ordering a few bottles from them in order to get a taste of what Willamete Valley wineries have to offer. We especially enjoyed the Domaine Divio Pinot Noir...  Vishakha.G

This is now my go-to online site for ordering wine. The site is easy to use, and my order arrived within 24 hours. Excellent choice of wine. I ordered 2014 Armonea Pinot Noir Summit Vineyard and it was delicious. I spoke with the owners who were kind and had fantastic customer service… Elizabeth.W

I ordered 6 wine bottles. It was a wonderful shopping experience. The wine arrived in a beautiful packing and on time Tried the first bottle and it is so good. Love it love it… Neeraj.K