J Wrigley Vineyards

J Wrigley vineyard not to be mistaken with j winery pinot noir or j vineyards pinot noir, is situated at an elevation of 600-750 feet, Southeast facing slopes in Willamette Valley, dry farmed has a variety of clones, Dijon Clone 115, Dijon Clone 777, Dijon Clone 828, Pommard and Wadenswil. J Wrigley Vineyard produces amazing complex Pinot Noir in the entire Willamette Valley in Oregon. The entire property is 200 acres of which 16 acres are planted. The vineyard features both the marine sedimentary and volcanic soils which brings both the qualities in the wine.

The search for the J Wrigley Vineyard began in 2005 and ended with the purchase of the estate property in December 2006. Preparation and planting of the vineyard took an additional two years. Similarly, John’s wine making experience has been self-taught and fed by a passion for more knowledge on the subject. His first experience with wine making was shortly after college with an experiment using plums and other fruit. Gradually opportunities to acquire wine-grapes led to several vintages of purchased fruit from other vineyards. Please visit J Wrigley’s site for more details.

The 2011 harvest was the first opportunity for John to make wine from estate grown fruit with pint noir and pinot gris finding its way to the barrel. Expressing his true farming heritage, John’s winemaking philosophy is minimal intervention in the winery to allow the vineyard to express itself through the wine.

John & Jody Wrigley met in 2005 while John was looking for property to start his wine-making dream.

In 2007, in the midst of preparation and planting, John proposed to Jody at the corner of what would become the first block of Pinot Noir, now named the Proposal Block.

As the story goes, Jody replied with an enthusiastic yes, but she had a caveat: she loves Chardonnay and the vineyard lacked Chardonnay grapes! Never one to back down from a challenge, John started planning for a Chardonnay block, which would eventually be dubbed the Acceptance Block.

John loves to engage with visitors and talk about aspects of farming, grapes and the wine-making process.  John and Jody have invested their heart and soul in developing this family business.

J Wrigley’s core value is Family and they live this value in every sense of the word.   As it is often said, “Planting a vineyard and making wine is a lifestyle!”  With the help of their team, John and Jody continue to share their passion with wine lovers one glass at a time!